Saturday, June 1, 2013


Not having a very good weekend.  My cauda equina syndrome is wreaking havoc on my ability to walk.  I can hardly get around, even with the walker.  I'm doing the exercises the physical therapist gave me, but as simple as they are, it's difficult.

I went to the school to watch the dance festival yesterday morning, and had to walk kind of far.  My doctor says it is important for me to keep moving, but maybe I overdid it.  I spoke to him by phone yesterday, and he's going to refer me to a neurologist.

The dance festival was fun, though.  Each class did their own dance, and then the teachers performed a dance.  Reece's class was all dressed in black shirts with "gold" chains and danced to MC Hammer's Can't Touch This.  It was cute.  I stayed to watch all the classes and enjoyed it very much.  Some of those kids have really got the moves!   I didn't get any pictures because I left my purse in the van so I wouldn't have to carry anything as I walked.  :o(

Josh went to Gran's for me yesterday, and Ron and Reece went today.  They said she is doing fine.  

Today Ron has been busy building a gate to put at the bottom of the stairs that go up to the deck.  We hope it will keep the little girls from picking my tomatoes that are on the steps.  And keep them off the deck.  They love to go up there, but it's not safe, especially for Gina, who is not always stable on her feet.  I'm afraid they are going to see the gate as a challenge, though.  I told Kelly we may have to put spikes and barbed wire at the top to keep them out.  :o)

Reece is in here wanting to use the computer.  Have a good weekend.

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