Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday With Kelly

Our beautiful Kelly
My legs are getting worse by the hour.  I can still stand on my left leg, but the right one is totally useless.  It's kind of scary.  I don't know what we're going to do.  I live in a two story house.  Ron is taking off next week to do the driving I normally do.  Thank goodness the kids only have one more week of school.

Kelly came over today to take me to lunch and for a drive.  I had to go downstairs on my bottom so I wouldn't fall (and back up the same way, which was a bit more difficult).  I can still walk with the walker, very slowly and carefully.

I went to Gruene with Kelly anyway.  She took me to lunch at The River House, a sweet tea room that has wonderful food and excellent service.  We ate outside on a shady patio.  

I had quiche, which came with a yummy muffin and fresh fruit.  Kelly had a delicious looking rueben panini with fruit and homemade house crackers.  We both had peach iced tea.  

While we were eating, a well-fed black cat came and sat down and looked at me.  I gave him some cheese, and Kel gave him some of her sandwich.  He was known at the tea room and is named Gipper.  What is a gipper, anyway?

We went driving, and talked and talked.  I absolutely love being with my daughter.  She is so precious.  So in spite of being a cripple all of a sudden, it was a nice day.

When we got back, the kids were excited to see Aunt Kelly, and Reece wanted to show her the Wii.  She brought all of them pool toys for their birthdays.  They love her.  

Ron had finished the gate for the deck stairs and had installed it.  It's tall, and I'm hoping the kids won't try to climb it.  Aubrey has already said that she can get in, but Papa told her he better not catch her even trying.

Hope your weekend was nice.  Prayers again for Oklahoma! 

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Adrienne said...

I'm still here (every day) and still offering prayers for you. Love....