Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wildlife Safari

Reece sees the longhorn cattle.
He was amazed by the size of the horns on the longhorn cattle.

They are awesome.

They didn't come over to the van to be fed.

Neither did this guy.

Aubrey called him a buckalo.  :o)

He was huge.

The kids liked the zebras.


Reece asked to see the llamas throughout the whole drive.  We finally spotted some at the end.  There were more in the petting zoo.  He was delighted.  He was hoping they would spit.

More llamas!  These didn't spit, either.  He really liked them, though.  So did Lily.

Aubrey liked the little goats.  They were really cute.

It was a fun morning.  I loved the excitement of the kids as they discovered all the different animals.  We went early, so the animals were still pretty active.

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