Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend RoundUp

We've had visitors for a few days, and it's been so much fun.  My sister Johnnie and her granddaughter, Evann, were here from Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning.  Johnnie's husband flew on down to south Texas to drive back with his mother, who spends the winter down there.  They picked up Johnnie and Evann this morning on the way home, and I'm missing them already.

Our sister Sandi came down on Friday, and her daughter and grandson on Saturday.  Kelly came over Saturday evening to see everyone.  

The grands who live here were so delighted to spend time with Jonah.  In fact, they were excited to have everyone here.  The kids played outside, getting in the pool and riding the big wheel and bicycle around and around the pool.  Jonah and Reece went with us to eat, and they had a great time making faces at each other and laughing and giggling.  Cousin love.  It's such a sweet thing.

Friday night Josh grilled steaks.  It felt like a party as we sat outside on the patio with the colored lights and music on, talking and eating.  Mom sure enjoyed being with everyone.  

Saturday there was a trip to the outlet mall, and the shopping center near our house.  Sandi, Kori and Jonah headed home that evening, and the rest of us ordered pizza.

Mike and his mom arrived this morning, and it was nice to see them, too.  They were only here for a few minutes.  They are on their way back to cold, snowy Kansas.  Quite a change from the 104 degrees they had in Harlingen yesterday.

After a quick run to FedEx to mail a package, a visit to Mom's for her meds and lunch, Ron and I went out to lunch together.  And now we're all just relaxing.  Josh got the kids another remote for the Wii so that more than one at a time can play games.  Reece and Aubrey had been battling for the one remote.

That's how our weekend has gone.  Hope you've had a good one, too.

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