Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Date:  Wednesday, March 13, 2013 

Time and Weather:  It's 1:23 PM.  It's 68 degrees.  Will get to 78 degrees today (or maybe 80?).  It got to 80 something yesterday.

Clothes:  Navy blue yoga capris, turquoise tee shirt.    

Food:  Josh grilled some bratwurst for supper yesterday.  I'm not usually a sausage fan, but these were delicious and I ate every bite of mine on a hot dog bun.  We also had oven fries and peach cobbler for dessert.  I haven't eaten today, and I need to.

Sounds:  Reece and Lily are in the pool!  I can't imagine getting in when the water is so cold, but they don't seem to mind.  They won't stay in for long.  Yesterday they were in and out in about 15 minutes.  The little girls are supposed to be napping, but Gina was talking and crying until just a couple of minutes ago.  

Little Favorites:  My gold Hawaiian bracelet that Ron gave me years ago.  I wear it constantly, just like my wedding rings.  It is carved with flowers and vines and my name in Hawaiian, Kalona.  The inscription engraved inside says, "With love, Ron."  The "Kalona" part used to be in black enamel, but it has worn away.  You can still see the carved name in the gold, though.  It is very dear to me.

Arts and Crafts:  Lily brought her yarn and needles, and we've been practicing knitting.  She wants to make a scarf.  She is very determined and is doing great.

I'm taking a break to go to Mom's; will finish this later.

*Way Later*  Whoo hoo!  Habemus Papam!  Looking forward to learning more about him.  Mom and I watched as he was introduced and as he talked to all of us.  



Memories:  When Ron and I first got married, he was stationed at Ft. Knox for a few months to attend Armor Officer Basic.  We found a little apartment above a garage in Muldraugh, Kentucky.  Ron was gone a lot, and I was by myself, hundreds of miles from home.  We didn't even have a telephone, so I had to call home from a pay phone across the street.  A big night out was a movie in Elizabethtown on the weekend.

This was during the Vietnam war, and I would sometimes have nightmares that Ron would be sent there.  

He was sent to Ft. Hood, where he was a tank platoon leader, then executive officer of a tank platoon, and then company commander.  He was so young and skinny and cute.  

Almost all of the AOB classes from Ft. Knox came to Ft. Hood.  We had lots of friends there, and one by one each class was sent to Vietnam.  The classes were numbered, and one day we learned that the husband of a good friend was going there.  I immediately ran to her house and went into the kitchen.  She was so upset and crying.  The thing is, her husband was in the AOB class after Ron's.  They had skipped Ron's whole class.  

I was relieved because I was pregnant with our first child, and had been praying and praying that Ron wouldn't be sent.  My heart ached for our friends who had to go, though.

Jason was born in January, 1971, and a few months later we were on our way home to Kansas.  Ron's active duty commitment was up.  They offered to raise his rank if he would go to Viet Nam for a year.  He said no way.  I wanted my baby son to know his daddy, and I wanted his daddy safe at home.

We went back to Wichita.  Ron worked for the city as the director of the arts and crafts center (his major in college was art).  We found our first little house to buy a few blocks from his work.  

He continued his Army Reserve duty, and went back on active duty when they asked him to a few years later.  He made the Army his career, and it was a good decision.  

I'm still so grateful that he didn't have to go to war (even if they didn't call it war, it was).  Our lives have been blessed.        

Thank you, God:  For our new Pope, Francis.  Bless him and guide him as he leads the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.  Amen  

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