Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Five

1.  I found a new-to-me TV program that I like.  It's called Troubadour Texas, and features up and coming Texas musicians, writing and playing Texas music.  Check it out.

2.  Lily wanted to go to the mall, so off we went yesterday afternoon.  She wasn't even sure what she wanted to do there, but I overheard her telling one of the kids she had only one pair of jeans, so I asked if she wanted to shop for jeans.  We got her a pair of denim capris, a pretty blue and white chevron striped top, and a lightweight hooded sweater that matches the blue in the top.  She looks cute in them.  We stopped at the Marble Slab Creamery for ice cream on our way out of the mall.

3.  I had another dentist appointment this morning.  It didn't take long at all.  I have one more in a couple of weeks, then my teeth should all be fine.

4.  I have a new email address.

5.  Lily will go home tomorrow.  I wish we could keep her.  We will meet her daddy halfway.  We didn't get far on her knitted scarf, but she can work on it at home.  Love you, Lily. 

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