Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More Random Thoughts

1. Happy that Scott Walker won the recall election in Wisconsin.

2. Someone tried to use my debit card to make a $769 on-line purchase to a business in Thailand. What the heck? The bank's fraud division caught it and denied the charge, thank goodness. They shut down the card so it can't be used. It's an inconvenience to have to wait for a new one, but I'm glad it was caught so quickly.

3. My new rug was delivered this morning. It is so pretty, and feels very cushy underfoot. Love the colors!

4. Rituxan tomorrow. :o(

5. I misunderstood. Ron is going out of town next week, but only for one week. His three week trip will be in July. Who is going to buy me Dilly Bars?


Jason said...

Dilly bars? I thought you were a Buster bar girl.

Adrienne said...

I'll buy your Dilly Bars!!!

Kalona said...

Jason, I still like Buster Bars, but these days Dilly Bars are just the right size. :o)

Adrienne, you're so sweet. If you buy some you will have to eat them and tell me how good they are. :o)

Adrienne said...

But, but - my diet!!

Kalona said...

Wait...Dilly Bars have calories?