Sunday, November 20, 2011

Reece and The Angry Birds

Reece has discovered Angry Birds. He has never played video games, but a little boy at school told him about Angry Birds several weeks ago, and he was very interested in them. Then his daddy put the game on my phone, so we were up late last night playing it. I can see how it can be very addictive, but he has limited access to my phone, so I'm not too worried. I really, really dislike video games, usually. I think they are time wasters and keep you from real life, so I've always been glad that Reece wasn't interested in them.

Last night he was sleeping with us and started laughing in his sleep. He laughed and laughed and woke me up. I asked him this morning what he was laughing about, but he didn't remember it at all. I love that he is such a happy little boy that he even laughs in his sleep. :o) He does it quite a bit.

Sandi and Gran will be here later. They will stop here on their way to Bryan and drop off Teddy, who will stay with Kelly while Gran is away. Kelly is looking forward to having Teddy join her dog pack again, and has plans to take him to the vet and to be groomed. She's such a treasure! I'm sure glad she loves dogs.

May you all have a peaceful and blessed Sunday.

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