Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gentleman Ted

Kelly has taken Gran's little dog, Teddy, to the vet for all his shots and a checkup, and she had him groomed. He looks cuter and I'm sure he smells better. :o) Kelly said he looks like a little gentleman with his hair combed and his ribbon 'round his neck.

He likes to be with Kelly and her dogs. He thinks he is just as big as any of them, and tries hard to play with them the way they play. Kelly worries that they will hurt him, but I don't think he would keep going back for more if he didn't enjoy the roughhousing. He is crazy about Gran, but I think he likes his vacations at Kelly's. He doesn't get treated like a mini person there, but I don't think he minds. He likes being a dog.

My sister Johnnie will arrive tomorrow to begin the bone marrow donation process. I'm excited and a little bit scared. I can't wait to see Johnnie, though!

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