Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hospital Blues

I'm in the hospital now, just sitting around waiting for the pharmacy to send up the chemo. They have given me the pre-meds, so it shouldn't be too long.

We came at 7 AM to have the PICC line put in. They will use that to give me Johnnie's cells next week. Then I came up to the ward and they had a room all ready for me, and started the paperwork. Ron and I went down to Audiology at 9:30 AM, where I had a hearing test to establish a baseline. That way they can tell afterwards if any of the chemo or anything damages my hearing. Then we came back up to my room, and I've just been waiting ever since.

They have taken my vital signs a couple of times, checked my blood sugar, and asked a million questions they already have the answers to in the computer. I've seen my doctor, and one of the other docs on the team.

We had to make arrangements for Kelly, our daughter, to get on post. When she took Johnnie back yesterday they wouldn't let Kel on post because Ron wasn't with her, so Johnnie had to walk from the gate to her quarters, in the dark, carrying shopping bags. Kelly was so upset, and I'm sure Johnnie wondered what she has gotten herself into. So today Ron arranged for the pass, and there should be no more problems like that. We just didn't think about them refusing Kelly entrance to drop Johnnie off, but we should have known.

Ron and Johnnie will be here later this afternoon. Johnnie said she slept in this morning, and did some laundry. Sounds like she is feeling a little more at home.

Ta for now.

PS: Getting the Fludarabine now (3:15 PM).


Jennifer Mulkey said...

Thinking of you.

Much love.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Sister,
Mom and I are praying for you every day. She is doing good. I wake her up and we have breakfast every morning. I go to work, come home and have lunch with her at noon and then we either go grab some dinner or fix something here. She loves watching for the deer in the big field across from my apartment. We see them every morning & night. We love you so much! Holding you close in my prayers! BIG HUGS, Sandi & Mom