Thursday, November 17, 2011

Feels Like Fall

Brrr, it's chilly here today. But it is sunny and pretty, so no complaints.

Ron and I just got home from the hospital. I was supposed to have Rituxan in my port and Methotrexate in my Ommaya, but I have to go back tomorrow for yet another darn bone marrow biopsy, so my doctor decided to wait and do the Methotrexate then. I think he was behind and trying to get caught up; he was running around like a crazy man. I don't mind waiting. The bone marrow biopsy was a surprise I didn't expect. Seems like I just had one, but it was in late September, so they want another. They hurt.

Did okay getting the Rituxan; it just takes so long. They do my labs first, wait an hour for them to come back, then order the chemo from the pharmacy, then put it in through the IV so slowly. They increase it every 30 minutes, but it still seems slow to me. Blood counts were low, but acceptable.

I was famished when we got home. I ate some cottage cheese with canned freestone peaches and some saltines and a glass of peach tea for lunch. I'm still hungry, though. Oreos, here I come.

I completed the other side of the sweater front and am now working on the sleeves. I took my knitting with me today, but I'm too easily side-tracked. I was knitting along, looked down at the right side, and there were 5 or 6 little purl bumps right in the middle of my smooth knit side. Arrrgh! Now I'll have to rip it back a few rows to fix things.

Reece will be home from school soon. I hope he had a good day. He did not want to go this morning. Tomorrow they are having a "kinder feast," and he and his parents are going to get cupcakes or cookies to take for dessert. When my kids were little I made dozens upon dozens of cookies and cupcakes for them to take to school, but now they only allow store bought treats. I guess they are afraid someone will put something toxic in the cupcakes. :o(

Happy Weekend!

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