Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reece's Birthday Faces

Reece had a fun birthday. He spent the afternoon with his mommy and daddy while the girls stayed home with me. They went to the river and had a picnic in the park. When he got home, he wanted to swim again, in the pool.

He opened his gifts almost as soon as he got home. He was excited to get a Playmobil police station with a motorcycle and some little people, and a Playmobil police car with a policeman and a bad guy. He's had so much fun with them already.

As soon as Papa got home, he started the coals and Josh grilled hamburgers, hotdogs and pineapple slices. It was all so delicious, and I ate a hamburger and a hotdog! I usually can barely finish a hamburger. The pineapple on the hamburger made it taste like a gourmet burger.

After dinner Reece blew out his candle and we had cake and ice cream. By that time the kids were really tired, so it wasn't long after that that I put the little girls to bed. I have become the official bedtime storyteller and tucker inner. :o)

Today I put the girls down for their nap about 1 PM, and Reece and I played with his police station, then we played in the pool until around 4. By then the girls were up and Aubrey was in the pool with us. We got out and played with his Hot Wheel City for a bit, then the police station again, then Papa came home from work ready for a swim. So he and Reece and Aubrey are back in the pool again!

I was going to make enchilada casserole for supper, but we're out of cheese, so I think we might try the new Freebird's nearby. Josh and Cyrise want to go to a movie tonight.

And that's how the past two days have gone here. Ron's gone to Gran's for me during his lunch hour. He usually takes her some lunch, and she looks forward to seeing him. And it saves on gas. He's a sweetie.


Sarah Oldham said...

Hau'oli la hanau to your darling grands!!!! And many more!!!!

That cake looks delicious.

Kalona said...

Thank you, Sarah! They all had good birthdays, I think. And the cake was yummy. :o) And just the right size.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pics are so cute. Sounds like you all had some great Birthday fun with Reese. Hug him for me. Hope you are taking care of yourself. Busy and fun summer time days! I love you all, Sandi