Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Summary

Reece (and his parents) had fun at the zoo on Thursday. The weather was perfect for the field trip. Reece said that he liked the giraffe the best, but Josh said that he didn't want to leave the crocodiles or some of the little monkeys. There were two other little boys in their group and they all wound up with little zoo toys even though the chaperones were not supposed to buy them anything. I think they were bribes.

Ron and I were at the hospital for half a day Friday. My electrolyte levels had to be checked, and though still high they were going down, so I didn't have to have anything except a magnesium pill.

We went by Mom's on the way home. She is still adjusting to being back home again. She hadn't taken Teddy out and was still in her PJs. We took Reece with us today when we went over there. He and Mom had a great time walking around with Teddy looking for special rocks. Reece wanted McDonald's, so Ron went and got all of us some lunch.

We stayed with the kids while Josh and Cyrise went grocery shopping after we got home. Reece and the girls played outside most of the time. Gina fell asleep on my lap. There is nothing so sweet as the heavy feel of a sleeping baby on your chest.

I drove to Mom's this afternoon. It's the first time I've driven since the cauda equina syndrome started. When it first began, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to brake quickly enough in an emergency because it was hard to lift my feet. Although I still have the "asleep" feeling from my butt down, my legs are strong now and I don't have any trouble lifting them or my feet. It felt so good to be driving!

Josh grilled raspberry chicken this evening and served it with steamed rice and broccoli florets. So good! He gave me a fairly big portion, and I ate almost all of it. I'm so glad he likes to cook!

It's been a nice Saturday.

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Kelly said...

You drove to Grans? Woo-hoo!