Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Morning

Monday morning. Ron is at work, Reece is at school. Josh just came back from taking an old high school friend home. We saw a red Camaro out in front of the house this morning, just sitting there with its brake lights on and two flat tires. When Josh took Reece to school, he backed around and looked inside and it was his old friend, passed out on the front seat. I guess he was headed home and ran into a curb or something. He lives nearby.

Josh got Reece up at 6:30, but when I went downstairs Reece was sound asleep on the couch. He looked so sweet, I hated to wake him, but he had 20 minutes to get ready for school. Josh made him some oatmeal. He loves oatmeal and wants it almost every morning.

I put a load of laundry in the washer. Dish cloths, sheets, white stuff. I had to dig for socks and underwear for Reece this morning. We need a plan around here. Laundry needs to done every. single. day. when there are four children and four adults.

The little girls just woke up. They slept in this morning. They are usually up by 7 or so. Kelly got them both little stuffed unicorns for Christmas, and they sleep with them. Camryn dropped hers on the floor and said, "Oh, I need my 'Corn!" Following each other downstairs in their pink polka dotted blanket sleepers with their wild, fly-away hair, they look exactly like Thing One and Thing Two this morning. :o)

And so the week begins.

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Kelly said...

Sounds like someone had a long night on Sunday. I'm glad that old friend was able to get to a place where Josh could help out. Seems like guardian angels were on the lookout.

Hearing about Reece and his love of oatmeal reminds me of how much I loved it as a child. I don't eat it for breakfast anymore, though, but sometimes crave it for lunch - weird!

I'm so glad the girls love their little unicorns! :)