Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monday at BAMC

My lab results from yesterday looked good. My platelet count is normal, white count is a bit high, hemoglobin a bit low, but nothing critical. I only had to have magnesium again. My chest x-ray (done every Monday) looks "much better." I'm still coughing but not like I was, and I haven't needed to use the oxygen at all lately.

I also got methotrexate in my Ommaya reservoir, but first the doctor drew out some spinal fluid to check for cancer cells. He called me later in the day to tell me that everything looked fine--no cancer cells in the sample. I asked him last week when we would do another CT scan, and he said we would wait a few weeks for my body to recover from all that we have been doing to it in order to have a clearer picture. He's planning to give me more Rituxan, I think starting on Thursday.

My legs are strong, I'm walking mostly without the walker. My balance is pretty good and seems to be getting better. I still have the cauda equina syndrome--tingling and numbness in my legs, feet and "saddle area." It's not really painful, just annoying.

So, things are looking good. Dr. O said that my recovery is mostly up to me now. They are doing what they can, and I need to eat, take my meds and move. I can do that. :o)

Thank you all for your continued love and prayers.


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Sharon Just checking to see if I can post. If I can. I wanted you to check out Fr. Rookey. love and prayers faux/karen

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sharon, second time trying to post. cross your fingers. i posted on our site. check it out.
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