Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Saturday Hike

Jason took Lily and Jacob hiking in a park near their home on Saturday, and sent me some pictures he took with his phone.

Jason and I talked by phone on Friday, and he was recalling how he and his friends roamed the creeks and forested areas around where we lived in Missouri when he was a boy. He said that he wishes his children could do that, but we agreed that the world is not quite the same place it used to be. I'm glad that if they are out exploring parks and hiking trails that he is with them.

He said that Lily's mission was to see a rabbit, and they did see one on the way back to their van.

Jason said, "I forgot to mention that Lily saw a cardinal, too. And we found a dead tree with lots of holes in it, apparently the frequent target of woodpeckers that I've heard in those woods (although we didn't hear or see them on this hike). And the kids learned about a squirrel's danger/warning bark. Oh, there was also a BIG fallen pine that crossed the creek like a bridge. Jake wanted to go across it, of course, but I convinced him it would be a bad idea.

It was a long way for little legs to walk: two-and-a-half miles, round trip. They were tired, but when we got back to the van and they had some water from a fountain (they'd drank all their water from the water bottles) I asked them if it was too long, too short, or just right, and they both said 'just right.'

Jake kept talking about computer games, at first. Then he started finding cool rocks and sticks and bamboo. He was also impressed with Lily's discovery of ants carrying leaves. He looked for snakes and alligators, but couldn't find any."

I loved hearing about their hike and seeing the pictures. I asked Jason if I could share them on my blog, since I don't get to blog about his family as often since we aren't together every day. I'd love it if we lived closer, but at least they aren't all the way across the country or in another part of the world. They are three hours away, and we see them every few months.

Thanks for sharing your hike, Jason, Lily and Jacob! I love you all so much.


Kelly said...

Oh! They look so sweet! I wish I could have been there hiking with them - Saturday hikes are one of my favorite things. Makes me want to go hiking right now! :)

I'm glad Lily saw her rabbit before the end of the hike.

I think you told me about Geocaching and it's something I've been wanting to do. I wonder if Jason knows about it? I bet all the kids would have a ball doing something like that, too.

I hope next time Jason and Co. are in town we can go hiking! I want to discover ants and (harmless) snakes with Jake and Lily. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I loved the pics and hearing about their hiking! I love you! Holding you in my prayers and thanking God for your strength. Hugs & all my Love, Sandi