Sunday, September 11, 2011

Little Updates

I have some powerful prayer warriors out there praying for me. Thank you!!!!

My doctors let me come home from the hospital yesterday evening, which was a big surprise. They said that they could do what they were doing for me on an out-patient basis just as easily as they could do it there. I'll go back tomorrow morning to see if my platelets have stayed up. They went from 6,000 to 86,000 overnight, after I received a platelet transfusion Friday night. Made me feel much better.

I won't know whether they will go ahead with the ommaya reservoir surgery until we get the results of my lab tests in the morning. If they go ahead with it, it's scheduled for 10 AM.

Josh made spaghetti for dinner last night, and grilled chicken in raspberry marinade tonight, and I cleaned my plate both times, which is unusual for me lately. I've had very little appetite. But being home and Josh's home-cooking has been good for me. :o)

I got to spend quite a bit of time with Reece over the weekend, which is always a blessing. He just calms me and makes my heart happy.

We learned on Thursday that his whole class has been reassigned to different classes. The school had four kindergarten teachers, and fewer kindergartners than they expected. So they reassigned Reece's teacher to another grade and distributed her students among the other three teachers. We were all distressed about it because after three weeks he had settled in and loved Mrs. O and his classmates, but he doesn't seem to be upset about it. They went to their new classes on Friday, and he likes his new teacher, too. Some of his original classmates went with him. I'm sure he will adjust just fine, but I am sorry that he has to go through this change.

I went to his school on Thursday for Grandparent's Day. I took a book to read to his class. When I got there they were doing the cutest little dance, and Reece was watching his classmates more than he was participating. He had a big sweet smile on his face as he watched them, and now and then he would do one of the actions along with them. It was so typical of him. When they finished and turned around, I was sitting in the rocking chair and he looked so surprised to see me. I had told him I'd be there, but he must have forgotten.

I read to the class and they were all very cute and responsive. After that Reece and I went to the library together for juice and doughnuts. It was fun. I was afraid he would get upset when I left to go home, but he didn't. By then there was another grandmother in the rocking chair, so when we got back to his room I told him to go sit on the carpet and hear the story, and he did. He gave a little smile and wave and settled right down.

Hope you've all had a good weekend, and that the upcoming week will be a great one.


Adrienne said...

As always...prayers

Jennifer Mulkey said...

Ongoing prayers here for you also.