Friday, September 9, 2011

Crud, Crud, Crud, Dang.

I am back in the hospital.

The next step in my treatment plan is to have a thing called an ommaya reservoir placed in my head. It would be used to administer chemo directly into my spinal fluid through the reservoir in my brain. Sounds awful, I know, but wow, how amazing that they can do such a thing. The procedure to put it in was to be done on Monday.

So today I had to come to BAMC to for pre-admission, which included paperwork, labs, x-ray, EKG, etc. We finally got out of here around 12:20 and went to lunch. When we got home, the hospital called and said I had to go back to the lab in the morning because my platelet count was extremely low. So low they thought there was an error. Then my doctor called and told me he wanted me to come back NOW, get another lab test, and be admitted.

The low platelet count is rather sudden, and they believe that it is from either the radiation or that the mantle cells have crowded them out. The most likely case is that it's the radiation, since they just finished irradiating my low back/spine last week. The last labs I had didn't show anything wrong. I've had some blood when I blow my nose, I've felt extremely fatigued and lightheaded, and I've had some weird bruising over the past week, and now we know why.

So, here I am, back again, in the very same room I was in a month ago. They accessed my new port for the first time today to draw blood. They will be giving me platelets as soon as it is crossed and matched.

I don't know if they will go ahead with the ommaya reservoir on Monday or not. We'll have to see how I do, and if I can keep my platelet count up.

Not sure how long I'll be here. As always, your prayers would mean so much to me. Thank you!


Jennifer Mulkey said...

You are always in our prayers, and will add more for your blood counts. My mom just got two units this week. She was bleeding into her abdomen, and they aren't sure where. They cancelled her chemo due to her counts (hemoglobin was very low). I had that happen too when I was on chemo. I hope you get to feeling better as soon as they get you some platelets. Take care of yourself. Prayers for your Mom ongoing as well, as well as your husband and the rest of the family :) Will offer up Mass this weekend for you.

Kelly said...


I'm sorry you had to be admitted again, it stinks to have to be in the hospital but at least you are being well taken care of and I'll pray that you don't have to stay very long - maybe they will let you go as soon as they see your platelet count is back up after the transfusion.

Love you bunches and see you tomorrow - I'll bring you some magazines.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis! Just got home from work and was so excited to see a new post. I'm sorry I can't be there this weekend - I'm praying for you always - I'm so thankful for your amazing attitude & strength. I love you so much! Sandi

Kalona said...

Jennifer, thank you once again for your prayers and for the Mass you are offering for me. I'm sorry your mom is having problems and hope that things improve for her. I continue to pray for her and for your whole family. Have a good weekend!

Kalona said...

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, Kel. Already had some platelets tonight--maybe I'll be filled with energy when you come. :o) Yes, they are taking good care of me.

Kalona said...

Sandi, I'm so sorry you won't be here this weekend. Hope everything is okay there. I'll call you tomorrow. Thanks for praying. I love you, too.

Therese said...

So sorry to read this Kalona. Prayers.

Sarah Oldham said...

Praying for you, for certain. I'm so sorry you have to go through all this, but you have (at least on line) such a positive outlook it puts my worry over you to shame. Wishing you aloha -