Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ommaya Is In

I had the ommaya reservoir put in on Tuesday. My platelet count was too low on Monday to do it, but Tuesday morning they gave me lots of platelets and then I went right up to surgery while my count was high. I spent the night in the hospital Tuesday, came home Wednesday morning.

There was no problem with the surgery. Now we have to let my head heal before we can actually use the device for chemo. The neurosurgeon didn't even shave my head, but put it in a part. He said he made a small slit and slipped it into the incision like a pocket. It hurts a little bit, like I bumped my head really hard, and I have a slight headache sometimes, but Tylenol takes care of that. The soreness will go away in time. Seems weird to think I have something in my brain.

When I got home yesterday, I stayed downstairs to spend some time with the little girls. They were happy to see me and I enjoyed watching them play. We had lunch together, then I came upstairs, where Reece found me when he came home from school. He was glad to see me, too. He and Aubrey watched videos on my computer on my bed, but I got so sleepy I fell asleep and their daddy took them downstairs. I napped the rest of the afternoon, and when I woke up there was beef and veggie kabobs and roasted potatoes for dinner.

I thought I'd be up late, but Reece wanted to sleep with us last night, so I lay down with him about 8:50 and we both went right to sleep. I slept again until 6:30 this morning when he got up. He has gone to school now, and I miss him.

I don't have anything I have to do today, and I'm glad. I don't want to go anywhere, especially the hospital.


Jennifer Mulkey said...

So glad to hear things went well. Hope you get all rested up. Have known a few women who have had those, and they did really well with them. Your supper sounds yummy ;)

Prayers continuing.

Kelly said...


Sounds like you are getting some well needed rest and relaxation. I'm glad the ommaya (is that Japanese?) isn't giving you too much pain and I hope that headache goes away soon.

I got an email from Dave and Sandi and they wanted to let you know that you are in their prayers and they think about all of us every day. They are so sweet!

Call me if you need anything or if you just want to talk.

Love you!

Adrienne said...

"Seems weird to think I have something in my brain."

At least you have confirmation that you have a brain. The rest of us just have to wonder. ;-)

Jennifer Mulkey said...

Thinking of you today. Prayers ongoing.

Kalona said...

Jennifer, thank you! You lift me up.

Kel, the man who invented it is a Pakistani neurosurgeon, Ayub Ommaya. I thought it sounded Japanese, too. I'm so glad you heard from Sandi and Dave; that was sweet of them.

Adrienne, you are the brainiest blogger I know!

Thanks for your comments, friends and loved ones. They mean a lot to me. :o)