Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Out On A Pass

I'm home! I got to come home on a day pass, but have to go back to the hospital at 10 PM tonight. I was a little worried they wouldn't let me out because my white count was low, but I'm not quite neutropenic yet, so they let me go. They warned me not to eat salad (which I've been craving), or be around anyone coughing.

Reece is still at school. He will be surprised to find me here when he gets home. The little girls were happy and excited to see me. I'll read to them and put them down for their naps after they finish lunch. (They went to bed after a story and some songs).

The pictures in this post are random ones from my photo album. The first one is a vintage tablecloth that belongs to my mom. I remember it from my childhood. We always used it for holiday dinners. Mom found it a couple of years ago in a box at her place, so we got it out to use for Thanksgiving. To see it sure brings back lots of memories.

The second one is Reece's Teddy Rabbit having a tea party. Reece calls him that because he used to watch Frances, the little badger, and she had a Teddy Rabbit.

Cyrise took the picture of Gina with Josh's phone and sent it to me. I love her little shirt that says "Grandma's Sweetie." She certainly is that.

Off to take a shower in my very own bathroom rather than using the one at the hospital.

PS: Johnnie and Ron are finished at Wilford Hall. They were able to collect twice as many stem cells as needed yesterday, and got even more today. They are going to call her to let her know the count. She sounded like she was feeling good. I know she is happy to be finished with all this and anxious to get home to her family on Friday. I'm sure going to miss her, though.

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Linda said...

YAY! Encouraging post.

and I like that Teddy Rabbit. :)