Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Update

The neatest thing happened this afternoon. One of the volunteers stopped in and asked if I would like to receive Communion. I told her I'd like to see a priest. So one stopped by earlier today. He was so wonderful!

I confessed, he absolved me, I received the anointing of the sick and the Eucharist. Absolutely wonderful!

He's the parish priest at one of our famous San Antonio Mission churches. He invited me to come for a tour when I'm better, and I am definitely going to take him up on it.

Things are going okay. I finished the chemo I was taking for two days, twice a day. The other one continues for the next three days, but it's just once a day and only takes 30 minutes. They've been urging me to walk as much as possible, and to use the spirometer. My doctor has a physical therapist coming up for a consult. They are trying to keep me strong.

Johnnie started her neupogen shots today, and has had no ill effects from them so far. They can cause bone pain--feels like growing pains only worse. I hope she won't get any. Sometimes people don't. She has pain meds, just in case.

She and Ron have been in and out today. They've spent so much time with me, and I love that, but I don't want them to wear themselves out, either. They did go out to lunch and to do some shopping. Johnnie brought me 2 pair of those lotion socks from Bath and Body Works, and little bottle of lotion and shower gel. She's so thoughtful.

My sister Sandi and Mom are coming tomorrow. My sister has a conference in Austin mid-week, and she will leave Mom at her apartment here for the week. Mom is going to be happy to see Teddy, I imagine. :o) And to be at home again. She's been gone since the weekend before Thanksgiving.

I am missing Reece and the little girls so much. They aren't allowed up here, so I won't be seeing them for awhile. I'm not supposed to be exposed to germs, anyway, and they've all had runny noses, so I guess there's a silver lining to that gray cloud. My immune system is only going to get worse, not better, though, at least for awhile.

It's cold and drizzling outside, and supposed to get really cold by Sunday. I hope we don't get freezing temps with this drizzle, or we'll be a sheet of ice.

In spite of the chemo, feeling really tired (I didn't get much sleep last night), missing the kids, and being cold, I'm in good spirits. Thank you all for praying for me. I'm sure the prayers are what keep me in good spirits.


Adrienne said...

Oh heck, Kalona - You're always in good spirits. We could all learn a lot from you. Me in particular!

Bless you and Johnnie...

Anonymous said...

Good Morning. Mom and I are leaving shortly to come to San Antonio. We love you so much!
Big Hugs!

Suzanne Aunan said...

I am praying for your continued great recovery! I found your blog because I was thinking of doing a painting of Christmas cows! You have a cow jumping picture from 2008, and mentioned tumors on your thyroid, then I jumped to your post-BMT notes. Phew, you have been busy. I am a PA in BMT in Iowa, and congratulate you on being POST transplant! Prayers from a stranger in Iowa! The blog is sweet. Sue