Friday, July 13, 2012

Reece, Sugar Levels and Ron

Reece and I slept in this morning. I love to watch him sleeping; he's so beautiful.

Yesterday I had my appointment with the diabetes specialist. She was alarmed by my blood sugar levels and said I should have come in much sooner. But she got right down to business and figured out a schedule for my insulin. Nothing I was doing was helping because it simply wasn't enough, given the situation I'm in with the prednisone and other drugs.

I started with the new insulin last night. We hadn't been able to get my levels out of the 350 to 450 range. But this morning before breakfast my reading was 145. Still a little high, but much better than before. Thank goodness!

Ron will be home from Colorado this afternoon. Reece and I will go to Gran's in a few minutes, then we'll pick him up at the airport. Reece has missed his Papa. Me too.


Kelly said...

Hey, Just got done working out - Mike and I are doing P90X together, can you believe it? We used to never work out together. So exhausting though, hardly feel like doing anything else after that except maybe read a book. It kicks our butts and I go to bed and sleep like a rock every night. No wonder people used to say jocks were stupid, they don't have any energy left to use their brains! :P *just joking*

I'm so glad you saw your diabetes specialist and now you are getting on the right track.

BTW, I bet Dr. B will be thrilled to see you when he gets back to work in August. I'm so glad he's home safe.

I'm also glad Dad is coming home. :)

Love on everyone for me.

Kalona said...

Hi Honey,
I'm so glad you and Mike are working out together. It always helps to have a work-out partner. Keep it up! :o)

I miss you!