Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mom and the Little Green Machine

(My mom with Reece and Camryn. She's so cute).

The weekend has gone by so quickly.

We watched the kids yesterday while Josh and Cyrise went to the river. I went to Mom's alone and vacuumed her living room in preparation for spot cleaning it today. I got her a Little Green Machine for pet spots. She forgets to take Teddy out as often as she should, which results in pee spots on the carpet.

Ron used the machine on a few spots last week, and I got up most of the rest of them today. I'm really pleased with how well it works. Some of the spots were pretty old, and her carpet is light colored, but it took most of them out. I'm going to borrow the machine to clean some spots on my carpet.

Mom never wants to sit by and relax when someone is cleaning. She wanted to help. It made her shoulders sore, but she was so happy. I was watching her as she sat on the carpet and cleaned some spots and it reminded me of how she was when we were growing up. She always worked so hard, and took pleasure in keeping her house clean and neat. I had a lump in my throat, watching her today.

The carpet looked so much better when we finished. Mom exclaimed over and over about what a good job the little machine did. It doesn't take much to make her happy. :o)


Sarah Oldham said...

Aloha! We are stateside for a few more days, then I'll get back to all my normal things (blogging as well). It's been nice to get off the island, but I'm so ready to head back!
I've enjoyed catching up with your posts ... I'm still praying for you and your health.
The grands and great-grannie look fantastic! Love all the pictures.
I've always wondered if the little green spot machine worked well. Now I take upon your word of it that it does . . . We needed one a few years ago, but don't currently have a carpeted downstairs (no food etc. upstairs - "usually" LOL).
Take care and big hugs to you!

Kalona said...

Hi Sarah! I'm glad you got to come home for awhile and hope you had a good visit. Thanks for catching up with my blog and for your continued, always faithful, prayers.

The little green machine didn't work exactly the way I thought it would. I thought it just sat on the spot and scrubbed, and maybe the original does that. The one I got has a hose with suction and some scrubbing attachments, and you use it like a steam cleaner. It's especially for pet stains, and worked well on them.

Enjoy the rest of your visit and your return to beautiful Hawaii. Hugs for you, too! Aloha!